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English Springer Spaniels

Who Are We?


Our names are Ellen and Randy McBride. We live in Bend, Oregon. Ellen bought our first English Springer Spaniel in 1995 as a gift for our youngest son. We had owned a variety of dogs of different breeds over the years, but this was our first English Springer Spaniel. We named her Lizzy, and she was part of our family for over 13 years.

We are extremely active in the outdoors, and the English Springer Spaniels fit very well into our active lifestyle. The highlight of all our day is when we take our walk out in the Oregon Badlands, located near Bend. Our dogs not only enjoy the running they get, but they are also kept in great condition from the exercise. For us, the dogs serve as great motivators to keep ourselves active as they look at us with their eyes filled with anticipation of getting out together in Central Oregon.

For Randy the dogs have been a great help with the medical problems he experienced. Randy had Type II diabetes and a problem with high blood pressure. With the help of the dogs motivating him to get out and exercise more he lost about 150 pounds. With the loss of this weight he no longer has a problem with either of these diseases. For him they have been the motivator he needs to keep on track for a healthy lifestyle, taking advantage of the outdoors around Central Oregon.

Both of us lost our jobs, that we had been working at for about nine years, in 2010. We worked in totally unrelated lines of work, and the companies we worked for went out of business with the problems experienced in the economy. Central Oregon was extremely hard hit with unemployment being over 20% at one point. Having spent our lives working hard at our jobs this was emotionally challenging. Once again the dogs stepped up to the plate and provided their assistance as part of our family. With the dogs taking us out for our daily walks, mostly into the Oregon Badlands, we found it to be very therapeutic. For us the freedom of spirit we see in our English Springer Spaniels has been liberating.

With our kids being grown we had room in our home for more "family". Our English Springer Spaniels live in the house with us. We have them crate trained, so they sleep in their crates at night to stay out of trouble. We get up early in the morning, and they join us around the house. It does get a bit exciting at times with all of them hanging so close to us. English Springer Spaniels are typically very social dogs. Since we want them to be extremely socialized we enjoy having them right beside us, instead of being kept in a seperate area.

When Randy is working in the office there typically are several English Springer Spaniels laying on, or around, his feet. If anyone is in the kitchen preparing food you can be sure that they are there to test the food for us to make sure it is good enough for human consumption. Some of them are more selective in what they will eat then others, but they all will check it out for us to make sure we are safe.

Our lives have been dynamically changed by our English Springer Spaniels. We hope that our puppies find homes that they are also able to bring about the friendship, and discipline, that we as humans so desperately need. What these dogs have done for us we believe they can do for others as well. We love to talk about our dogs, and are happy to discuss whether or not an English Springer Spaniel is the right dog for you.

With the events that started 2020 we decided we wanted to step back from breeding until 2023. This will give us time to see what we will want to do going forward, and to have a few years to enjoy our dogs like normal dogs lovers do. Thank you for your understanding.