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Because of the negative reactions to the word discipline it is often not understood in what it means with the relationship between English Springer Spaniels and their humans. There are two aspects of discipline that are very positive in that relationship.

One definition speaks about it being a regimen that improves or develops a skill. We humans have a hard time being steady and consistant. Our dogs need us to be steady, and skilled in how we interact with them. Imagine being a poor puppy with an unpredictable owner who is happy with you one minute, and the next is screaming at you while they chase you around the house. As a puppy you have no clue what your pack leader wants, so you cannot figure out how to fit in and please them.

All of us have different rules for our dogs. Whatever rules we set for our dogs we need to be consistent with them. When we are steady ourselves we create a stable enviroment for our beloved friends as well.

Crate Training

All of our English Springer Spaniels are crate trained. They actually are very content being in their crates. It is said by some that the crate is like the dens that their ancestors stay in long ago, so that is why dogs do well in crates. Whether that is true or not does not matter to us. We have extremely content English Springer Spaniels, and part of that contentment comes from crate training.

We never put our dogs in their crate as a punishment. We want the crate to be a safe, and positive experience for them. When we get them as puppies we start them in crates. Some have adjusted faster then others to the crate, but all have taken some adjusting. When a puppy first leaves their pack and joins a new family they are not used to being alone. We place the new puppy in their crate, and right next to the bed where one of us is sleeping.

All of our puppies have cried a bit at first. We have made sure they were aware that we were there with them. I have even spent some nights with my fingers inside their crate with them so they knew I was there. Over the course of a short period of time their crate can get moved back away. Avoid getting upset at the puppy, even if you really miss your sleep. This discipline on your part will have long term benefits. Within a couple of weeks all of our English Springer Spaniel puppies are spending the night in another room, in their crate.

We continue to reward them as adults for going to their crate. Our routine involves a nap for them when we get done hiking. If we forget to put them in their crate they press on us to put them in their bed for that nap, and their treat. When night comes, which they view as when it gets dark they are ready for their crate as well. During the shorter daylight hours we have in the winter they start pressing to get to go to their crate.

Keep their crate safe and secure for them, and your work will be well rewarded. The crate is a safe place to keep your English Springer Spaniel puppy out of trouble when you cannot watch them. Puppies believe anything they see is a chew toy. By keeping them in their safe place when you cannot watch them you keep them from getting into anything that could hurt them. It also keeps them from destroying something that might get you upset at them as well.

Deadly Plants

If you are like me you enjoy giving your dog special treats. However not all treats are safe for our four legged friends. Unfortunately dogs will eat things that will do them much harm. There are plants that are poisonous to dogs that can be found in our homes, our yards and in the wild, and sometimes all it takes is a little bite to lead to an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Go here to see some of those plants: Deadly Plants