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Our English Springer Spaniels

Our Girls:




It is with a great deal a pride that we have added Lexie to our breeding program. She is the granddaughter of our very own Libby and Lincoln. The health and temperment of her grandparents are well known to us. Her mother also is an extremely friendly dog.

Lexie is perfectly happy to lay around the house with us. However, when she thinks we are going for a walk in the wilderness she turns up the energy, and her joy is quite evident. Her unique sable color is incredible. With the solid history of her ancestors we are delighted to be adding her to our breeding program.

Lexie's OFA is Excellent. She is at risk with her PRA, and only can be bred to a PRA Normal male.


Lataya is an amazing looking black/white tri. She is always ready for a run, and her antics are quite entertaining. Here is a video that shows her from the time she was a pup:

Lataya has had her preliminary OFA completed and is free of hip dysplasia, and will have her final rating done in 2017. Her PRA is Normal.


We are extremely excited to be introducing offspring from our own lines into the mix. Lyric is the daughter of Lexie and Leroy. She is an extremely friendly dog with people. She is a great looking liver and white tri dog. Between her mom's Excellent OFA rating and dad's Good we are looking forward to her final OFA rating which will be done in 2018. Her preliminary was rated Good.

She is the great granddaughter of our Libby.

English Springer Spaniel male black and white


Lamore (Seven)

Seven and Lyric are littermates. She was the seventh born, of a litter of nine. Being Star Trek fans it provided us with the opportunity to name her after a character in the series. However, Lamore is who she is. She is such a lover. Seven's PRA is Carrier. Her OFA preliminary is Excellent. Final OFA work will be done in 2018.

Like her sister, she is the great granddaughter of Libby.

English Springer Spaniel male black and white



Lark is the daughter of our first female we bred. She came off of Libby's final litter. Like her name, she is quite full of adventure. It is a joy to watch a mini Libby growing up. Prior to breeding she will have eyes and hips checked.

English Springer Spaniel male black and white



Our Boys:


English Springer Spaniel male black and white

When we decided we wanted to produce primarily tri colored litters we found Leroy. As he has matured into an adult we have been very happy with having him as part of our home. He started out as a clumsy puppy trying to keep up with the bigger dogs, running and tripping over the obstacles in the trail. This has earned him the nickname of our little "Dork", even though he is our largest dog at 50 pounds. As we watch him now hurdling over downed juniper trees, sagebrush and rock piles it is hard to remember that this graceful dog ever was really that clumsy puppy. His strongest point is his personality. He will babysit puppies, letting them maul him, as he runs them around the yard. When we add a younger dog to our pack he quickly makes them feel welcome. So while our motive for getting him was his tri markings that has not been our greatest source of pride with him. He is the role model of a calm, loving Springer that has all the energy needed to enjoy the outdoors with his family.

Leroy has been screened for PRA, and is clear. His OFA is Good and his eyes checked good for CERF as well.

Leroy's Pedigree