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December 19, 2015.

We are happy to announce the due date of our next litter. Libby and Leroy are expecting to be proud parents on February 20, 2016. All puppies are spoken for at this point in time.

For those interested in future litters, we will open more deposits for future litters after Libby's litter is born. Once we open deposits we might have room for one or two spots on Lady's litter, which should be born in March or April. Lexie will not have her next litter until late next fall, and we will open those positions up after Libby gives birth. We are waiting for Lataya's preliminary health certifications to be done, but if all goes as expected she could have a late fall or early winter litter in 2016.

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Lexie's litter has all found their forever homes, and we have said our "Until we meet agains."

Here is a video of Lexie's litter:

Lexie's 2015 Litter - First Four Weeks

Posted by Oregon Springer Spaniel on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Each one of our dogs has a special spot in our heart. Part of the fun of having them is that they are all unique. Here is Lexie's unique place for me.

Posted by Oregon Springer Spaniel on Thursday, February 19, 2015


Here are a couple video's of the Libby and Latte's litter that was born the day before Thanksgiving in 2014. They are not yet six weeks old in these videos:

Here is a video of Latte's boys first playing together.

He Ain't Heavy from Randy McBride on Vimeo.

Another video, this time of Libby's litter enjoying their second meal of puppy mush:

Winter 2014 video. This was taken of our dogs while we were out walking. Our youngest was only sixteen weeks old when these pictures were taken:

Puppy Information

You can contact us at: info@oregonspringerspaniel.com


More Puppy Videos are here

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While the English Springer Spaniel has a long tradition of hunting sometimes things get a bit confusing. Given the proper opportunity these dogs would hunt, some better than others. However with the type of supervision ours have this is what can happen. (Very suitable for children, all of all ages)